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We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which aims at providing each child with learning outcomes for the six areas of learning and development:

   - Personal, social & emotional development
   - Communication, language & literacy
   - Problem solving, reasoning & numeracy
   - Knowledge & understanding of the world
   - Physical development
   - Creative development

Our curriculum is designed by experienced Early Years professionals and delivered so that children feel they are playing and enjoying themselves whilst learning.

We aim to develop children's interest in learning as well as encourage them to be sociable, independent and confident. We provide the children with resources that encourage them to learn about different values and cultures. Our activities reflect a wide range of cultures and beliefs. We check our books to ensure that the images and illustrations are accurate and convey positive messages to children.
We develop our children's communication, language and literacy skills through an extensive range of activities.

An understanding of numbers and problem solving is promoted through stories, rhymes, games and play. Children have access to sand and water play, construction and other resources which help them learn important mathematical concepts about space and position, shape, counting and calculating, measures, patterns, sorting and matching, order and sequence. They learn to communicate with others as they investigate or solve problems.

We engage our children in constructive play activities that bring out their imaginative and creative skills. Children are encouraged to build on their experiences of the real world and transform them into something new through role play, imaginative play, small world play, music, dance, construction, design and art.

Our imaginatively planned environment provides interesting and challenging opportunities for all children to develop skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement. We plan and deliver interesting adult-led activities as well as allow the children the freedom and time to develop their own play.

We plan a wide range of activities and provide plenty of outdoor opportunities and learning experiences that help our children make sense of the world and find out about the natural environment.

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